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tv   Eyewitness News at 12PM  CBS  May 18, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". a live look down the shore where the skies are brightening this noon, on the ocean city boardwalk. we started with clouds, go now there is a silver lining, good afternoon, i'm jim donovan. >> i'm brooke thomas. seeing break through after days of gloomy skies. let's get first look at the forecast with meteorologist, katie fehlinger, live on the cbs-3 skydeck. >> yes, guys, we'll take what we can get at this point. granted still some clouds
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cover out here on the skydeck, but dry at the moment for most of you, and if you can tell behind me, have little bit of break in the cloud cover, finally. and it looks as though that's going to justin to be the transition that we end up with here through the core of not just today, but the next several days. so, there is definitely as we said a nice little silver lining over those clouds, let's go ahead, take a look what's happening on storm scan3, at the moment, take a look, you know, through the course of the morning we had couple of scattered showers, mainly through northwest suburbs, now those have had a chance to not only retreat and fizzle away, but also seeing these clouds break, too, and the further east you are, further southeast, really, the more of that sunshine you're finding at this point. one of our eyewitness weather watchers, actually, posted photo on twitter, and showed us nice blue skies in new jersey so here ' where we stand. low mid 60s currently, pretty comfortable, not too much winds out there, so it is a nice afternoon that's unfolding generally speaking.
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granted, it is not completely blue skies, but at least, it is dry for most of you, and also starting to warm up, warm things up here for you. now here is the thing, won't see too much more movement on the thermometer readings throughout the course of the day, but, that said, we are at least again going to see some breaks of sunshine out there. where you see the most sun, the easier to warm up. business person's special going on of course down at the ballpark, just about an hour or so. we will keep you in the low mid 60s around south philly this afternoon with breaks of sunshine, cool granted but not a bad spring afternoon. just little cooler than would you typically find in the month of may. that's for sure. so, as we move forward, we do start to warm things up. and by friday, well, this will actually be gem of a forecast, sun returns, nice warm afternoon, and we continue to transition, in the next two days, out of this cloud cover. the problem is, the sun, well it, never does, does not last forever. and we will eventually have to track more rain, i'll tell when you that get here coming up. guys, we send it back into you. >> thanks, katie.
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philadelphia police are searching for the gunman who shot a teenager after an argument in wynnefield. it happened on the 5600 block of lebanon avianca midnight. police say the suspect fired several shots through a door, striking the 19 year old victim three times. he was rushed to the hospital in critical condition. police say they know who the shooter is, and are working to track him down. >> authorities are showing off a huge amount of drugs, guns, and cars. the culmination after two year investigation into heroin trafficking in southern delaware. police say they seized about 3 pounds of heroin and several raids worth more than a million dollars on the streets. investigators also seized handguns and cash. in all, 13 suspects face drug, weapons, money laundering, conspiracy and other charges. police also seized total of 23 vehicles worth $250,000. well, real talker here atlantic city law make letters vote tonight on ordinance that would allow booze on the boardwalk. >> the plan would allow anyone, 21 and older, to
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stroll the board with one alcohol he can drink and open plastic container, if the proposal passes tonight and one more time, there would be a trial period, over the summer to see if it is successful. the goal is to bring more people to ac. >> well, in other news, emergency repairs on the delaware memorial bridge last month cost more than $204,000 in lost toll revenue. that's according to the agency that runs the bridge. three of the four southbound lanes were closed for three days, while crews made repairs on support cables. the closures caused serious traffic jams, many drivers used the commodore barry bridge as an alternative. a man with a knife at the height of the morning rush, forced police to open fire on crowded street in mid-town manhattan. police say the man became belligerent, near shop 49th street and eighth avenue about 8:30 this morning, that's near several broadway theatres. officers got the man out of the shop, but when he came with him at a knife, 800-inch knife, they ordinary fire killing the suspect.
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bystander and police officer suffer minor injuries. >> checking campaign 2016, experts are calling tuesday's democratic primary results a victory, for hillary clinton, even though she and rival bernie sanders split the two state up for grabs. craig boswell explains that and shows us what republican donald trump is doing to get ready for the november election. >> i'm get to go like the west coast. >> bern he sands kearse, vermont senator insists he's the best candidate to take on donald trump. >> before we will have the opportunity to defeat donald trump, we have to defeat secretary clinton. >> hillary clinton is the likely winner in kentucky's primary where she gnarly owe defeated sanders. clinton took to twitter, to make appeal to sanders supporters calling for unity, her claim to the nomination gets stronger tuesday, she's now just 09 delegates short of
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clinching the nomination. >> donald trump also won in oregon tuesday with no morrow pope ends to challenge him, he shifted his folk us to repairing his image which took beating during the primary process. >> during interview with megan kelly businessman said he has regrets about thinks he is' said and done but not really sorry. >> i could have maybe used different language, in a couple of instances, but overall i have to be very happy with the outcome. i think if i didn't conduct myself in the way i have done it, i don't think i would have been successful. >> will work on his foreign policy credentials when meets with former secretary of state, henry kissinger. >> new wave of concussion lawsuits, some former penn state football players are among those taking legal action against the school. now, they are part of six lawsuits filed in federal court across the country, ex college players say the schools, the athletic conferences and the ncaa
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knowingly hid the dangers and risks every playing football it, not do enough to protect students. named as defendants in one of the lawsuit. >> these are not a former nfl athletes who have been paid handsomely for their skills. these are still kids in my view, who are just trying to get through life, and were just trying to get an education. >> if allowed to proceed as a class action, the suit could include decades of penn state football players from 1952 through 2010. now, 2010 is when the ncaa required schools to implement concussion related safety measures. ceremony recognize some of philadelphia's finest gives a special honor to one of our own. >> "eyewitness news" reporter walt hunter was presented with a citizens common days by the police department. walt was honor for his years of service, covering the city, congratulations, walter, for a job well done. >> great to see that. coming up on cbs-3 "eyewitness news", a primes g medical breakthrough in the fight against the zika virus.
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>> and you expect the sunscreen that you're slathering on yourself, your family, to protect you from the sun's harmful rays. but that may not be the case. >> we'll
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>> the number one pick in the nba draft goes to the philadelphia 76ers. >> sixers coach brett brown accepted the congratulations after home team was awarded the first overall pick in last night's nba draft lottery.
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the crowd at xfinity live rocked the house, when the sixers got the pick. sixers ceo scott o'neil was live on cbs this morning. he says the 6ers are ready to go. >> it starts now. like last night was the first piece of the puzzle, not the ends, but the first piece, we have cap space, we've got great young talent, good young talent, emerging young talent, and real big opportunity. >> now, who will the sixers pick? all right, most experts say, it will be either lsu ben simmons or duke's brandon ingram. the draft is june 23rd, in brooklyn. >> and the sixers are literally flying high about that draft pick. this is a live picture right now from the art museum steps where members of the sixers organization are hosting a dunk show. legend is there along with the dance team. >> in other news, promising medical development in the fight against zika, researchers in texas cloned the virus, first step towards
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creating a virus against the mosquito born virus, so far more than 500 travel related cases of zika in the united state that have been contracted outside of the country. >> a lot of people are starting to stock up on sunscreen for the summer, but how well dough they protect your skin? >> surprising number of products could leave you feeling burned. >> test dollars six a lotions, sprays and sticks, all labeled with spf of 30 or higher. and, it found, many did not live to up that promise of protection. >> 43% failed to meet the spf claim on their label, and two marketed for children, failed by a huge margin. banana boat kids and cvs kids both ties as 50spf. actually, had a sun protection factor of eight, according to consumer report. >> another finding, sunscreens
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with chemicals better protection. >> overall in our tests didn't perform as well as those with chemicals. >> found only 26% of products advertised as natural or mineral-based met their spf claims. while more than half of chemical sunscreens were labeled accurately. >> the fact that the mineral base didn't do as well as the chemical base does not surprise me. >> dermatologist, vick, says, that's because they work differently. >> mineral sus screens are physical blocks. the chemical sunscreens, they are essentially a filter for the sunscreen, and so they are by themselves much more efficient. >> now the report did finds some good, natural sunscreens. among them, coats plugs spf58 and california baby super sensitive spf30 plus. but doctor and consumer reports both stress spf is only one criteria. >> spf only measures uvb activity.
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equally damaging is uva. >> and experts say, nothing will work unless you use enough. about 1 ounce, or 2 tablespoons, for your entire body. and reply frequently. >> schrat feron. that was elizabeth cook reporting, cbs and banana boat both stay behind the effectiveness of their products. >> consumer report also edge using lotion sunscreens over the spray ones, because they say it is harder to get complete coverage with the spray. >> well, still ahead on "eyewitness news": >> slip-sliding away. red tape ends the promise after giant slide this summer in philly. katie? >> but you know we are at least starting to see things brighten up, will start to not only feel warmer but also get more sunshine in the days ahead, also, a trade off that comes with that, tracking some rain, and it looks like it will be here for the weekends. we will track it for you when we come back.
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>> some bad news for folks looking forward to taking a ride down this bank, the giant slip and slide that was supposed to come to philly this summer, women, it is not happening it, seems a per knit was never issued. >> this isn't its first cancellation, last year the philly act was axed last minute after month of promotion. i know, you were both looking forward to it. >> yes. bummer. >> in august, but i don't understand, why would they announce this and they don't have a permit in place, again, second year in a row. >> that does seem a little -- >> next year pitching this thing, i'll be very suspect. >> yes, fool me twice, right? >> exactly.
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>> well turn our folk us to weather starting to brighten up outside, my friends. finally. i know, our prayers are finally answered, right? it looks like we will ends up with pretty decent weather. it does go back downhill by the week end. >> here she goes. >> yes, spring time, and the timing little less than ideal, too. look ahead to the weekends, necessary storm system is slot today arrive. so we will walk you through everything, at least i do have some good news this time, to report. let's go ahead, take it outside first, look at the live network. little baby tour here. already even out where we have most cloud cover, you can see the brakes of sunshine and blue skies here, through the clouds outside cut town area middle school. and yes, things are starting to brighten up even here, temperatures holding at 60 degrees, then we go out to cape may courthouse, further southeast you reside and travel here right now the more blue skies you're seeing. look at this, gorgeous, little cool granted at 58 degrees with east winds at 15 miles per hour, but we will take it, it looks lovely right now, so really starting to brighten
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up. you know, i know felt like dreary month of may so far, i'll step out of the way so you can see the stats here, in fact, it has been last may for the course of the entire month ended up with 20 days that hit the 80s at least we hit 08 degrees on those days, only one day that couldn't break out of the ooh ', only seven days with rain. this month, of may, in 2016, not one day had hit the 80s, six of those days so far have been stuck in the 50's, 11 days reported at least a trace of rain. so, if it felt dreary to you you can understand why it actually has been. certainly we look at storm scan3, there is still even little hint of moisture out there, a lot has been fizzling the last couple of hours back to central, western pennsylvania, at this point i think in the clear, we have a system trying to push away, still continues to do so, actually going to see high pressure takes its place here, ends up with much nicer weather as a result. looking ahead to wednesday, thursday, we end up here with some sunshine here for tomorrow, expecting the sun to break through the clouds.
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looks like pretty decent day. but the real gem of our forecast comes on friday. that's when the sun will shine all day, high pressure anchors itself overhead, i guarantee gorgeous sunrise to stay, and see the temperatures easily rebounds mid 70s, frankly where they should be, actually will feel like spring. headline says sunshine, then rain. the rain gets here, with poor timing, comes just in time for our weekends, looks like periods of rain will be dousing us specially mid-atlantic but into our region as well through the better part of the day. so if you have outdoor plans, i know at least one person getting married that day, you may want to think about back up plan. here is your health report. when you have this transition here, the clouds are breaking, air quality still very good, pollen levels are moderate. but they're not sky-rocketing, uv index actually still semi low. as the day goes on if these clouds continue to break it will start to climb little bitment look at the area temperatures, 64 degrees, in ac, 62 in philly, at philadelphia international airport. looking at the rest of the day as a whole clouds and breaks of sunshine, high hits 65,
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still clouds around tonight. and drop to about 50 degrees, and then looking forward, ya, especially friday, just a lovely looking day. so, the weekends i know not the best news to report here, but zaun did i -- sunday, if you want outdoor plans you probably can, lingering clouds, probably shower, as well. saturday i hate to say it looks like bit after wash out. >> i'm going to a wedding, i'll just wrap myself in saran wrap and hope i don't get mess. >> i should and good wedding. >> this is their wedding. >> i know, i feel bad for them. >> very good luck, though, very good luck. >> just got cha thank the wardrobe. >> thanks, katie, appreciate it. >> guys, minnesota couple taking their love of cosco to a whole new level. and you have to see it to believe it. okay? they love cosco so much, they decided to take their engagement pictures at the store. because nothing says romance like holding a huge package of raw meat, after the couple posted pictures on line became
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huge hit, too bad, they can't register for wedding gifts at cosco's, actually big bummer, right? people should. you want a practical wedding gift. >> sure. i wonder if they met there. i'm telling awe lot of people meet in super markets. i watch little flirting going on with people at the produce aisle, you know? >> you said you have had a couple -- >> crazy stuff that happens in the supermarket. >> i would love to hear what people have said to you. >> i'll tell you during the
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>> cbs-3 "eyewitness news" at 5:00 attention iphone users, we found something that could make your live a little easier, i'll be explaining what it is, how it works in my "3 on your side" report at a . >> produce problems, you can blame it on the rain. the reason our dreary stretch of weather could be keeping you from jersey tomatoes and corn, and it is not just the garden state dealing with the issue. well, many parent will tell you, it is tough cleaning up with little ones around. >> zoo keep nerve china found that to be true, the hard way. she tried and failed to keep these panda cubs from undoing all of her hard work. she would rake leaves, putting them in in a basket, but the pan days insisted on playing inside the basket just as soon as she got one out, the other one went in. i think it is really really hard to get mad as them. >> i'm so gel just. >> you're so obsessed. >> i'm so jealous she gets to get so close to them. >> my dream. i just want to squeeze them,
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and they're bears, than shouldn't and dream. >> see if i can find awe part time zoo keeper position in the panda cage. well, that's "eyewitness news" at noon, i'm jim donovan. >> i'm brooke thomas, for katie, all of us here thanks for watching. "eyewitness news" continues at 5:00. always on line at the young and the restless is next.
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>> dylan: oh! >> nikki: sully, look who's here! it's daddy! >> dylan: hey, buddy. >> nikki: there he is! >> dylan: are you enjoying the sunshine? >> nikki: oh, yes. >> dylan: how was your morning? >> nikki: it's been wonderful. >> dylan: yeah? >> nikki: we walked by the lake, we fed the ducks... >> dylan: nice. >> nikki: ...and we've just been strolling along. >> dylan: well, it sounds like he got his quota of fresh air. >> nikki: [ chuckles ] >> dylan: didn't you, bud? >> nikki: i can't thank you and sharon enough. >> dylan: for what? >> nikki: oh, ever since victor's arrest, spending time with my healing, gives me hope. >> dylan: i know what you mean. i'm just glad other people feel it, too. sully, you're such a huge blessing. the very best part of us.


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